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June Gustus
Fortress Investigations, Inc.
Mail: PO Box 15356, Clearwater, FL 33766
Physical: 3060 Alternate 19 N. Suite B-14,

Palm Harbor, FL 34683
(By appointment only)
Phone: (727) 785-7875
Email: info@spytektampabay.com

Visit our Investigation services site at FortressPI.com

High Quality Portable And Pocket Digital Video Recorders
You will love these new generation power models that take care of all
your covert video needs!


New! PV500 High Resolution ClipCam!
Law Enforcement Grade! Turns The Tiny PV500 (A/K/A PI Black DVR) Into Both A
Portable Covert Video Camcorder And StealthCam type Stationary Covert Video System You Can Hide Anywhere!

New! Optional SuperTek
PV800 DVR Wireless

The PV 800 Wireless kit has the PV800 (SuperTek DVR) plus a built in receiver that will allow you to receive 1.2 GHZ cameras or 2.4 GHZ cameras and record them! Or, you can use this to sweep a home or office for wireless cameras and pick them up instantly on the screen!
TINYTeK MultiMicro DVR PowerPRO
High Definition PI Portable Black Cam Kit!

• Tiny Pocket-Sized DVR • Wireless Full Color Pinhole Camera
• Wired Full Color Micro Pinhole Video Camera • High Mega Pixel Camcorder Built Into DVR • High Mega Pixel Still Camera Built Into DVR • High Grade Audio Recorder • FM Radio Receiver • Up To 14 Hours Video Recording Time In One Small Package! • MP3 Player And High Definition Movie Player • World's Slimmest! Starting At Only $195.00

MicroDot Squared Tiny DVR
World's Smallest DVR With Button Camera Kit Powered By The DVR! An Amazing 2.6 x 2.2 x Only 0.4 inches thick! Powers The Camera! And Has Time And Date Stamping! We have seen a great deal of new and unique nano-sized products for 2007 but this little gem takes the cake! Simply put, it's smaller, better and cheaper than anything else in the market place! If you are in need of the world's smallest digital video recorder than can also be used as the world's smallest audio recorder, this is it! This tiny nano-sized DVR is the world's smallest! You can unscrew the button on the button camera and use it as a conventional nano-sized pinhole camera.

PV-500 High Grade Tiny DVR
With Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping
When You Need It Powers Most Of Our Covert Bodywear Cameras Making A Perfect Marriage!

The new generation professional pocket PI Black Micro DVR gives it all to you like you want it! There's something other than it's color that is really "black" about it. It's designed to be used with a great deal of our covert video camera "bodywears" and acts as a power supply for the camera as well as a top quality DVR. Not only that, PI Black is small enough to fit into a standard cigarette pack!

PV-800 SuperTek- High Resolution
The new generation professional pocket SuperTek High Resolution Ultra Advanced Pocket DVR gives it all to you like you want it! There's something other than it's black color that is really "black" about it. It's designed to be used with a great deal of our covert video camera "bodywears" and acts as a power supply for the camera as well as a top quality high resolution DVR. Not only that, SuperTek is small enough to hide almost anywhere with a built-in 40 GB hard drive.
SuperTek DVR!
New Generation High End DVR In Black!

True Time And Data Stamp! Motion Activation On/Off! Massive Built-In 40 GB Hard Drive! Multi-Functional! Use As A Bodywear DVR Or Set It Up For Motion Activation! Up To 80 Hours Of Recording Time!
New! Recluse!
So Stealth You Can Not See The Camera An Inch Away!
Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping
PockeTeK-DVR - With on screen time/date stamp
Option Modes Include, Conventional Recording, Scheduled Recording, Motion Activation Recording And Time/Date Stamp Overlay Recording!
The New PocketTek-DVR mini digital video recorder (DVR) offers features found only on high end security digital video/audio recorders. User options include manual record, scheduled recording, motion activation recording and time/date stamp overlay recording. All packed in a device about the size of a standard deck of playing cards! Video and audio are recorded and stored on tiny SD (secure digital) card. Up to 5 full hours recording on a single 1Gb SD card. Recordings can be viewed by connection the PocketTek-DVR to any TV/monitor or through windows media player by simply removing the SD card and inserting into your computers card reader. Supports SD cards 256Mb and above.

Home/Office VideoGuard
Video Capture With Motion Activation
Complete Video System In A Small Box With Advanced Controls And Time And Date Stamping Display Now In 1.5 Hour, 4.43 Hour And 9.43 Hour Models Instant Motion Activated Video Anytime And Anywhere! Arm It And Stick-It And You Are Ready To Go In 30 Seconds! Starting At only $249.95

Stationary Covert Video! Bodywear Covert Video Pocket Digital Video Recorder
Micro Pinhole Cameras GPS Tracking Digital Audio Recorders
Countermeasures Gear Digital Spy Cameras Sound Amplification
Personal Protection Miscellaneous Spy Gear
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